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Onwards March the Updates.

Let’s see, I’m planning a few entries regarding my inspiration and influences, why I write, that sort of thing. I’m hoping it will be somewhat interesting and maybe different enough to the array of other entries from prospective, up and coming authors etc. Plus should add some dimension – albeit a small dimension – to me as a person. Well that’s the aim anyway.

I’m trying my best to keep some form of regularity to this blog. Its just trying to get into a rhythm and just sit back and type away. I see a Blog as where you put something thought out and detailed. Not like Facebook and Twitter where you can just spout such posts as ‘I ate Wheatabix today now I’m off to work’. So the delays tend to be caused by my trying to type something thought out and maybe even relevant.
I’m going to try for a post a week, eventually evolving to the point I can get reviews out frequently along side my writing related posts.

Keep Turning Those Pages


Horse Meat is the best thing to happen in years.

There, I said it. Horse Meat in our burgers is a good thing. No I’m not I insane. I think I’m being rather reasonable. I’m writing this after I finished eating a double beef burger from my favourite Burger Van on my way home from a trip into town. Honestly I can say it was one of the nicest burgers I had in a long while. If it had horse Meat in, I couldn’t care less, if that’s what made it taste so nice, then give me more.

The only issue I see is people complaining at false advertising. People still eat meat, even though there may or may not be Horse Meat in them. Does it taste any different? Heck no. If the slight misprint on food contents hadn’t have been made public, we would have been none the wiser and carried on sampling yummy horses.

Another reason I’m pro horse, my parents have recently started buying their meat from a local Butchers. They have done this because of the Horse Meat scandal, i say scandal when it’s really just a small issue of false advertising. Surely this can only be a good thing, I thought the Government wanted us to keep our high streets alive buy shopping there more. Local Butchers are a part of that. I’m going to make a likely assumption that my parents aren’t alone in the switch to local meat hanging people because of this.

Heck why stop at small percentages of Horse Meat, why not make it a meat you can eat on its own. We have Cow, Pig, Lamb, Dog, Pheasant, Squirrel, Chicken, Duck, Dog. So let’s add Horse, it clearly is a nice Beef substitute. Heck we have Horse Racing where horses do die while being used for this sport. So when a horse dies, we can serve it to the winners as a high class meal. At least that way they are put to use. Plus with all that whipping the meat would be nice and tender.

I see no reason to avoid the issue any longer. Eating Horses is nothing but a good thing.

Thoughts Emptied, Pages and Words Added

The title of ‘Empty Thoughts’ is no more, yes we shall weep. Why you may ask? Simply put I wasn’t happy with the title. Looking over other blogs they all had titles attributed to the blog contents or them as people and most titles are unique to them, brought on my a moment of recklessness or thoughts long dwelled upon. While ‘Empty Thoughts’ fitted me it didn’t really do so with the blogs contents, as a result the title has been changed. So as of this post the blog is currently called ‘Collected Pages with Added Words’. I think it fits me and sort of what the purpose of this blog is. Tough like many things in development, the title is still in a state of flux and may yet change once more. To me, the title of this blog will be like trying to decide the title of someone’s first book. It needs to feel right since its what you want to be known by, so -to me at least- this change is a big deal. ‘Collected Pages with Added Words’ has a nice ring to it if you ask me.

Keep Turning Those Pages

Here Comes an Update regarding Yours Truely, Vamoose!

First up, I just want to congratulate myself for using vamoose, it’s a great word which seems to be slowly fading from use, so if cause the salvation of such a great word with this entry I will be proud. The fact that the proofreading feature is prompting me to change vamoose to caboose or moose, is evidence the word needs more usage. Yes im well aware that my use of vamoose is contradictory to the purpose of a blog in that I want people to read its contents, but it was my poor attempt at witticism and humour.

My writing has stalled for now, not through lack of trying but im struggling to write a few scenes to a level im happy with, I know they say writers are their own worst critics, but in this case I say its twaddle and I am right. I’m just not happy with it, ive gotten what I wanted penned but there is just something about it that no matter how many times I rewrite it, it just ‘feels’ wrong. After rewriting it 4 times now ‘from all the angles’ im becoming convinced that it just doesn’t fit and tempted to omit these scenes. Yes im maintaining its not me it’s the writing, which I know through extension is me, but again ill protest such notions and that it genuinely isn’t any good.

Though speaking of criticisms of writing, an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for years spoke to me a week or so back, and he too is writing. So we talked and about what we both want to write which as it turns out is fantasy, so he has asked me to critque what he has written for him. I was touched, having let only one other person read my work to have someone ask me to read theirs was a nice feeling. I have never done this before so really interested both by his work and how I will take to giving criticism and feedback. Reason being is, even though only one person has read the entirety of my work he gave me feedback which though I accepted I had issue with since I wasnt happy with his feedback, since when something is positive I do wonder if its genuine honesty or just attempting to reassure. So to be in a position where I would be giving feedback will be interesting. Plus hopefully maybe this will give me more belief in my work when people praise it?

I’m still pursing with my Spider-man Protest by reading every issue to reach print until ASM #700 and i must admit its great rereading it, im still ploughing through Stan Lees run as writer, at the time of writing this im on ASM # 114. Just loving it all, got to re-read the first ever comic appearance of one of my favourite Marvel characters:  Morbius the Living Vampire. Read the classic Master Planner story line, along with the Tablet of Time, Death of Captain Stacey story lines to name a few highlights. Loving John Romita Snrs artwork, so much better than the Ditko stuff. Cant wait to work my way to the Mark Bagley, John Romita Jnr art too as i progress through the issues. Though all this Comic book reading has left my intake of books rather low, with me only managing to start Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill last week, which while im enjoying what ive read thus far, just doesn’t compare to my enjoyment of Spidey at this present time.

I’ve planned a few blog entries about my inspiration to write, my influences and all that jazz along with a few more reviews so keep an eye open for them, that about all for now.

Keep Turning Those Pages

Appealing to the masses just to realise it’s rather lonesome

I made this blog little over a month ago after years of trying to decide how best to ‘put myself out there’. I thought about Podcast ingredients but realised I haven’t got the voice or coherency for radio. I thought about YouTube but realised I haven’t got the face of an angel and would possibly require frequent facial trimming to appear presentable. This left the usual suspects, Twitter, Facebook or Blogging. Twitter I detest because of its spam like nature, hashtag mentality and horrible word limit. Facebook was also down since I don’t hundreds upon hundred of ‘friends’. This left Blogging. But now that I’ve made the damned thing now what?

WordPress frequently offers me ways to improve my blog. The current method it likes to prompt me with is making a Gravatar – which if you stop a think sounds like a Pokemon – which is a globally recognised avatar.  Now it sounds like a neat idea, but what the hell am i meant to use for it? Should i go with an image of me? Which leads the question of me what image should i use? An image of me with my inquisitive face, my serious face, or the good favourite the Zombies are coming run for your lives. I’ve seen a few blogs with just random icons and such so maybe i do one of them. Or maybe i create my own logo? It says use a Gravatar,  but gives me little help with regards to what i should use.

So even when i do create a Gravatar, would  it really help? I will still be a little square posting and liking others’ blogs and posts. Still, why be so down, blogging is the new frontier and sail it I shall and will commence pondering what image to use. So bloggers beware, no longer will you be followed by a square using the WordPress Logo as default and instead be follwed by a square whos image at this point is undecided!

Review: Prince of Thorns

This is my first book review ever so apologies in advance if it’s not the best. So comments would be most welcome.

Well I said I’d get my review up, admittedly not when I planned but hey its up.

Prince-of-Thorns-Mark-Lawrence-coverFrom the start let me get few things out of the way. This is not a rip off of Game of Thrones despite what many reviewers claim. Second despite this book being referred to as ‘The One with all the Rape’ – just like the episodes of Friends from old – ignore it. I’ll address this point as I go.

Plot is simple enough, the main character – Jorg – he wants to be ruler of the world or at least claim his birth rite. Don’t let its simplicity put you off, not all good reads and Fantasy series need to be full of enough plot twists to strangle you to near death and be full of redundancy you tell yourself is relevant to help you go along with the notion trees haven’t been struck down and time is not wasted. It’s due to this books simplicity it works, simplicity has enabled Lawrence to build up the complexity of Jorg.

The entirety of the book is from Jorgs point of view, split up between the story of ‘now’ and that of 4 years prior. There is a nice balance between the two to want you to keep reading both sides. It really is nice at how they intertwine at points yet remain separate entities.

The world of Prince of Thorns seems to be a future of the present world. Various references imply that it is our world but at some point we have reverted to a society more akin to that of the medieval period. Though sadly very little time is give to the world instead its given to the characters more specifically that of Jorg. Not that is a bad thing, but my preference would be more colour and back story to the world. Saying that Jorg is fleshed out by explanation of his motives, and more interestingly his thought processes and how he sees the world in which he inhabits. Many of his actions can be regarded as cruel, evil and somewhat detached from everyone else, which at times that is true, but there a glimpses of Jorg being an honourable person and even caring about a very select few.

Jorg is travelling with a collection of miscreants, scum and all manner of sin who refer to one another as ‘Brother’. Some are given more word time than others but you still get a brief overview of them as individuals. This is further added to by the short lines that seperate each chapter which truth be told are rather funny. Jorgs interactions with them are interesting and that despite him being a young man, he shows the authority and control over them deserving of his royal upbringing, even though his ‘brothers’ have no knowledge of the true status of Jorg in the beginning.

Even with all of the above Prince of Thorns is a nice read. Though many could view Jorg as a villain he can also be viewed as a hero. As you read you understand why he does what he does and it’s not evil for evils sake. There is a logic behind his actions, no to everyone in the book Jorg is heartless and distant, but since we as readers have a glimpse into his mind the other characters don’t, we see that there is more to him than that.

If you’re interested in reading this book but are using reviews to help you, im going to clear a few things up which many reviews seem to have in common. Ive seen a fair few reviews saying its just a rip-off of G.R.R Martins Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones. This is just plain nonesense, aside from the phrase ‘Game of Thrones’ being mentioned about 3 times at most these two books are nothing like one another. Its as if people seem to think that phrase is exclusive to Martin, now correct me if im wrong but Martin cant have been the first writer to view Kings, Thrones and what not in such a way.

Another point is that many reviewers refer to this book as ‘The One with All the Rape’ because rape is mentioned casualy and not in a serious way. People need to bear in mind the company in which Jorg is keeping, they are such as hell not noble knights of the realm or men of honour. They are a collection of theives, killers and sadists who outside of their brotherhood have little regard for anyone else. So yes they will rape people, why should the author labour over how horrible it is when common sense will tell you its horrible. Also at no point does it go into detail of said rape, its more just a casual comment in the vein of  ‘Character X raped someone ealier and is now filling his belly with Ale’. This is a world more akin to Medievil times, so yes raping by all acounts would be common place. So dont let this fact put you off, justy accept it as part of the world.

Overall i would recommend this book to anyone, as i stated before the simplicity of its plot make it a nice read compared to the long intertwined storys that seem to be appearing more and more. Its easy to follow and has a good ending, which works as a stand alone or as a lead in to the second book ‘King of Thorns’.

At 900 words I hope you enjoyed this review. 🙂 Thanks

A New Day A New Page

Well first up I want to say congratulations to my good friend Alan Smith. His fantasy trilogy: Harvester of the Now is getting another printing. Also an extended version of the first book – The Notebook Dress – should be out later this year, which I can’t wait for. If you want to follow him here is a link to his website:

Regarding the content of this blog, I’m drafting a book review and a comic review, which time allowing will be up tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out for them. Im still tinkering with the set up of it, going to try and get my reviews up on a different page so they’re easier to get to, failing that categories it is. Got a good few ideas about future posts too.

Anyway, regarding my writing, couldn’t sleep so managed to get about 1000 words penned, would have gotten more but ended up planning so i suppose it helps in the future. Takes my total to about 25000 words, it’s been slowly of late since I’ve been reading more than writing, which its been a nice change of pace. 🙂

Toodle Pip for now.